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Does your dog seem to have selective hearing, sometimes listening to you, sometimes not?

Is your dog nervous in its environment?

Does your dog become excited / reactive around other dogs or people?

Does your dog become nervous / reactive around other dogs or people?

Does your dog walk you when you take him/her out or does your dog simply refuse to walk?

Whilst walking your dog, would it be good if the dog went to the loo where you wanted, not anywhere it wanted?

Does your dog aggressively fence charge when someone walks by or charge the door or window when someone knocks?

Does your dog greet people by jumping up on them, scratching them or nipping them?

Does your dog lay on the couch or your bed and refuse to move when asked?

Does your dog have an obsession over a particular toy e.g. a tennis ball?

Does your dog guard items e.g. toys or food?

Does your dog have a questionable off leash recall?

It doesn't have to be this way as with a little education your dog can become the companion you always wanted and not the stressful adversary it seems to have become.

Do you wish your dog was more obedient?

Would you like your dog to perform tricks e.g. play dead, roll over?

Obedience training can be held either at your home or at your local park

Puppy Training, Rescue Dogs, Adolescent Dogs, Older Dogs

All breeds from Chilhuahua's and Jack Russells to German Shepherds and Huskys

Obedience Training

Sit, Lay Down, Come, Stay, Paw, Watch, plus tricks e.g. roll over, bow etc

Behaviour Issues

Nervous, Excitable, Frustrated, Possessive, Reactive, Boisterous etc

Pack Walks with Training

Pack Walks

Happy Dog Services offers a variety of services from dealing with behaviour problems to obedience training and trick training, puppy training, adolescent training and rescue dog training (the adolescent period being the most challenging between 6 months and 3 years which explains why rescue centres are often full of dogs during this stage, but with a little knowledge, this stage doesn't have to be so challeging!) Pre-ownership advice including introducing your new dog, including rescue dogs, into your home or to your existing dog. Approximately twice a month I organise pack walks which have been held along various river stretches, parks or commons including Chobham Common Woking,  Broadstreet Common and Newlands Corner Guildford, Frensham Pond & Common near Farnham, Windsor Great Park at Windsor and Old Windsor, The Meads and JFK Englefield Green Egham, St Annes Hills and Chertsey Meads Chertsey, River Thames and Laleham Park Laleham, Bedfont Country Park Feltham, Bushy Park at Hampton and Teddington, River Thames and Lammas Park at Staines upon Thames, Virginia Water and Obelisk Pond at Virginia Water, the River Thames at Walton on Thames and even a coast visit to Littlehampton (more coast visits to come!!) covering Surrey, east Berkshire, Middlesex and west London.


All four dogs above are rescue dogs, including my own which has been a Pets as Therapy dog for over 2 years now.

10% of money earnt whilst working with greyhounds will be donated to Hersham Hounds

One to One Training for you and your dog


Theory / Knowledge -

Prior to gaining hands on experience, 5 years of studying theory was completed in canine behaviour / body language and the various training methods. This included studies into wild wolves, captive wolves, Indian and African wild dogs, feral dogs, domestic dogs and their various breed traits. Have also attended seminars on dog behaviour / body language and completed theory courses with distinction.

Practical Experience -

After 5 years of theory into the behaviour and body language of various canines, a variety of hands on courses were attended including Obedience Training, Lead Control, Mental Stimulation, Breed Traits, Kennel & Home Enrichment, Difficult Dogs, Body Language, Clicker and Motivation Training. Walking with and studying captive wolves at the Wolf Trust. Over 5 years of volunteering at dog rescue centres, mostly at Battersea Dogs Home which gave me the opportunity of working with a huge variety of breeds and states of mind including many severe cases from extreme nervousness, fear, complete lack of socialisation to extreme excitement. As well as volunteering at Battersea Dogs Home I have also volunteered at Hersham Hounds / Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare. For over four years I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the rescue centres most difficult dogs.


Frequently asked questions -

Why does the dog behave with you but not with me?

There are three possible answers to this. Firstly, the dog may simply not take you seriously for whatever reason (see Training Methods). Secondly, the dog may have formed a habit of behaving a certain way with you and only patience and consistency will change this. Thirdly, some dogs like to test you to see how far they can push you. Simply stay calm and consistent and the dog will give up trying. Be patient and consistent whilst remaining calm and confident at all times.

Do you belong to any clubs or associations?

I am a full member of the Institute of Animal Care and Education (IACE). I have chosen not to become a member of certain associations due to their affiliation to the UK Kennel Club. Experience has also shown me that qualifications and membership of certain organisations doesn't necessarily mean you are going to receive the correct advice. Knowledge, experience and common sense to me are the most important factors. 


            Me with the ultimate teachers, wolves! It doesn't get much better than that, a fantastic experience.

You can contact me on                        07950 253 669              info@happydogservices.co.uk

Happy Dog Services 

On June 1st 2014 I participated in a 13 mile sponsored walk to raise as much money as possible for the children's charity Shooting Star Chase. They have been a tremendous help not only to my family but to many other families whose children have life limiting conditions.

 If you would like to donate to this very worthwhile charity please click on the following link ShootingStarChase

Since I had my Staines upon Thames property flooded out during the winter storms of February 2014 and subsequent relocations to Guildford and now permanently to Ash Vale, I seemed to have formed a triangle of areas that I now cover frequently. These areas include Staines upon Thames, Weybridge, Ashford, Stanwell, Chertsey, Shepperton, Walton on Thames, Egham, Virginia Water and Windsor to Bracknell, Farnham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Ash Vale, Camberley, Mytchett, Pirbright, Rushmoor, Woking and the area around Guildford. Areas I never thought I would be covering so I guess being flooded out and relocating had some advantages! 


If you are thinking of buying a puppy, please be extremely careful where you get it from (puppy farms).
Better still support your local Dog Rescue Centre.

Hersham Hounds                                                                                         Local Dog Rescue Centres
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Disclaimer - Due to the need to observe behaviour and to establish motivation etc, questions regarding individual cases cannot be answered by phone or e-mail without spending time with the dog or dogs first.
Happy Dog Services cannot be held responsible for content on other web-sites.

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